Ubuntu Village opens its doors to bright global learners!

Ubuntu Village School officially opened on September 13th 2014, and welcomed a group of bright young learners!! We are proud to say that our opening session was a major success complete with lots of DANCING, SINGING, AND LEARNING!!!

Ubuntu Village School begins with Nia Assembli which is a time of singing and dancing. During Nia Assembli we call the Village to motivation and purpose!

Nia Assembli circle dance

Nia Assembli circle dance

nia assembli

Mama Wakeelah lead our cultural enrichment class which kick-started our semester-long focus on the classic story, Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. After watching the video story, we discussed the moral of the story and discussed key topics on culture, integrity, selflessness, humility and so much more!

A lesson on Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

A lesson on Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters

A dance break during class transition is always FUN!!

102_2133 102_2127

Oluko (teacher) Brown lead the academic enrichment class which focused on learning Swahili vocabulary words (e.g., snake/nyoka) based on Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. Many thanks to student, Kharhi for  helping with class instruction. “Ubuntu Village, can I get a ‘Y’??!!!!” We practiced reading and writing our vocabulary words.


Oluko Scott and Oluko Boamah lead Cultural Enrichment II which focused on learning about Afrikan masks and their meaning. Our Olukos taught about several types of masks and their uses/meanings. Students were able to choose their favorite mask (based on its meaning) and color it!

A beautiful drawing by one our students, Mahri

A beautiful drawing by one our students,Mahri 102_2148

102_2138 102_2141  102_2156100_5236

Olukos and Parents, we’re looking forward to a great school year!

102_2157 102_2145 102_2143 102_2142