Semester in Review (Link to Video)

Ubuntu Village has wrapped up another successful semester! Through knowledge of self and culture, our students became global citizens, empowered to make a valuable contribution to the local and larger human community.  Take a look at a few of their accomplishments this Spring. Watch our Semester in Review



Summer Session @ UBUNTU Village is open for registration. June 13, 2016-July 22, 2016. 7:30am-12:30pm $50.00 per student. (1st-8th, 40 students).  Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. (Students must arrive on time for breakfast!)Reminder: No School July 4, 2016. Full Day Sessions Available. Check Registration Material

This year, the UVS Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurial Leadership Summer program will be launched to provide K-8 students with skills needed to become successful social innovators! Students learn about social entrepreneurship, money matters, civic engagement, manage a garden project and host a Youth Marketplace at semester’s end.


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