We got the receipts!

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African Contributions to Civilization

Humans started in Africa
Africans were the first to name the stars
Africans were the first to name the days
Created the First Nation, Kemet
Organized the First Value System, Maat
Named God
Won the First Recorded War in History, Thutmoses III
First Queen in History, Sobeknefru
Greatest Queen in Kemet, Hathepsut
Greatest Dynasties in History, 18th, 19th, and 25th
Queen who stopped the Romans, Amanishakete, Nubian
Most Women Rulers in History, Nubia, 42 Queens
Greatest Ancient City, Waset, city of a 100 gates
Invented the Calendar
Gave the world geometry, astronomy, biology, anatomy, and physiology
First Great Philosophers: Imhotep, Ptahhotep, Amenemhat, Merikare, Akhenaton
Built Earliest Masonry Buildings, Pyramids and Temple Complexes
First Books of Mathematics, Rhind Papyrus
First Books of Medicine, Ebers Papyrus
First Travel Book, Harkhuf
First Solemn Processions with Drums and Dancers, Kemet
First Medical Doctor, Imhotep
First Builder of Pyramid, Imhotep
First Humans Deified, Imhotep and Amenhotep, son of Hapu
First churches carved of stone, Lalibela
First System of Writing
Oldest counting calculator, Lebombo bone, Swaziland
Second oldest mathematical calculator, Ishongee bone, Congo

Molefi Kete Asante
Author of The History of Africa
July 19, 2016


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