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Brief History

During 2012- 2013, the District 4 Equity Steering Committee (led by the African American Council of Elders-Wichita Sedgwick County) sought out to identify the most critical issues for our District, so that we might assist the community in developing a comprehensive and meaningful response in those areas most impacted. Developed through quarterly community focus groups at “Village Round Tables” several equity areas became focal points–one of these areas is education.  Community members organized as a result of the Equity Advisory Committee round tables, and have since partnered with Holy Savior Catholic Academy and other organizations to develop the Ubuntu Village Saturday school, which proposes to provide educational development for African Americans in an enriching, culturally appropriate and positive environment. Read more about the foundation of Ubuntu Village in the 2014 White Paper, Building a Village School.

What does Ubuntu mean?

Ubuntu (pronounced o͝oˈbo͝onto͞o/) is a Swahili word whose most direct meaning translates “I am, because we are” and represents the essential human virtues of family, community, friendship and reciprocity, compassion and humanity.


To infuse, inspire and ignite the fullness of one’s being using cultural symbols, language, and general way of life to heal, transform, teach and empower diverse learners for global leadership. The goal is for each family to discover the goodness in oneself  and humanity through worldview learning.


To strengthen and stabilize the lives of African American youth and their families through a cultural education multi-service program.

 Ubuntu Village School has 501(c)(3) status through PARTNERS FOR WICHITA, INC., an affiliated social ministry organization recognized by the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 


Ubuntu Village Saturday Staff and Volunteers

Contact E-Mail Address: ubuntuvillageschool@gmail.com

Angela Scott, M.A.
Mwalimu Mkuu (Head Mistress)

Delia Shropshire, Ph.D.
Program Planning Coordinator

Kyrah K. Brown, Ph.D.
Program Evaluator/ Instructor

Felicia Boamah
Instructor- Art

Taylor Bullock
Instructor- Art

Syeeda Echols, M.A.
Instructor- Spanish & Math

Jamela Peterson
Instructor- Entrepreneurial Leadership


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